Advertisment are overshot budget, headaches, delayed shipments, cancelled orders, screams, dismissals. Now these are all to be of the past. With advances in communication technology, we have sought to integrate knowledge and technology, and arrive at a product universally accepted.

The Government of Himachal Pradesh is committed to provide the general public, especially living in distant rural areas of the State, with the benefits of "Using Information Technology (IT) in Governance (E-Governance)" at their doorstep. The Web-enabled Government-Citizen Interface, named as LOKMITRA, is one such step of the State Government in that direction. The following objectives are envisaged, to start with, in the project:

Easy access to Government Information at the remotest corners of the State;
Redressal of complaints without physically visiting the Government offices;
Transparency in the working of the Government;
Responsive and responsible Administration etc.

The project will result in various direct/indirect social as well as economic benefits to the rural masses, as indicated below:

:: Better dissemination of government information, resulting in better awareness among rural masses about various Govt. Schemes and bringing in transparency.

:: Saving in time & cost of people visiting District headquarters time and again for getting information, lodging complaints & inquiring their status etc.

:: Reduction in response time by the concerned departments and increase in their accountability to people.

:: Virtual Extension Counters for the Government, by way of using these Centres for getting the departmental Data entered and transmitted from time to time.

:: A common platform for the people to interact with each other on mutual interests e.g. matrimonial, sale/purchases,

:: Additional income opportunities from these Centres by using them for General Training, Word Processing and Data Entry jobs, and extending Internet Access also in case the Centres procures dial-up internet connection from any of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available in H.P.

:: Employment generation by way of allowing opening up of more such citizen information Centres in the private sector.

The LOKMITRA Interface is proposed to be later expanded to all the Districts in the State by making it available through internet, increasing the employment generation and facilitating the growth of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also throughout the State.

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